My July Paper Pumpkin

As promised, here is my July Paper Pumpkin.  Before we get into details,  let me say a very special Happy Birthday to my son Bryan. PPBanner

This was perfect timing and I knew how this kit would be  used! Even if Bryan’s birthday was not in July,  I would have used it for the next birthday. It’s now stored away,  awaiting the next birthday. This may become a tradition!

I stamped the background using  the stamps in the kit. I used letter stamps I had onto the flags. Instead of  using the paper clips in the kit, I taped the pendants to the string.  I decided to attach it to the cookie tray using tape and there you go! 

When you receive your Paper Pumpkin, you can follow the instructions that are included, or you can shake it up.  Check out what came in the kit and how it was used ‘out of the box’. 

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