True Blessings

I usually do not blog ‘personal’ things but I feel I must on this.  This week has been a roller coaster and I have learned the real gift of card making.  My best friend learned over the weekend she had a brain tumor.  I won’t get into the details, but you can imagine the realization of what was happening, and the fear of the unknown.  Time would stand still for a few days until all the answers could be given.  The tumor was removed and was not cancerous.  Prayers were answered and she’s on the road to recovery.  In her get-well basket will be an assortment of cards for her, including ‘Thank You’ cards.  The last week of July and first week of August had already shown me why I do what I do.  I had 3 friends that lost a grandmother or uncle.  As I am writing this post, my husband received an email that another friend lost his daughter.

So why do I make cards?  It’s to give inspiration, hope, joy, a smile, assurance, I’m here for you, or just I’m thinking of you.  It’s to see that smile or to hear them say that card especially touched them because it was homemade.  When I make a card, it is like giving a part of me to that person. It’s not for gratification, it’s to show I really care.  In this day and time we all rush from place to place, and usually send a text or an email.  A handmade card is personal and it does mean something special to the ones receiving it.

So why do I have Stamp Camps?  So that I can share with you the joy that you will receive when you give someone a handmade card.

Know a friend in the hospital, take them an assortment of cards, especially Thank You’s!  I’ve heard many times how grateful they were for the cards  because they wanted to give something to that special nurse that made their stay, or that of a loved one, more comfortable. Take the time to show someone you care.

Make a handmade card today!  The time spent will be well worth it.  I hope this gives you inspiration to keep on giving.

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  1. Very nice post, Sandy! I totally agree with you – a handmade card is ‘extra’ special and I enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face when they receive it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Runs in the family I guess. I always love to make homemade cards to give because I have had friends tell me that it made their day brighter. Thanks for your inspiration and will continue to pray for your friend and her family during this time. 😉

  3. Very touching post Sandy, well worded. I agree with your sentiments and those reasons are why I continue in the hobby. It’s about helping people connect apart from social media methods. Cards are very personal.

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  4. Your words are inspiring and so are the cards. There is nothing greater than to make someone’s day!

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