Cards from Venice

While researching for our vacation in Italy, one of the cities we would be staying was Venice. A common saying was ‘get lost in the city and you will stumble across some amazing sights’. Who would have imagined that I would stumble across a card shop!!  Off the beaten path were several shops, and I fell in love with Venice even more!  The sights, the food, the ambience are memories that I will always hold dear to my heart. I now have several cards that will be framed as a remembrance.  The shop name was Zacaria’s and the storefront is what caught my eye.  The lady that owned the store was actually making cards so I had the opportunity to watch as she made cards that were similar to the ones that I picked up! She was cutting, splattering ink, glittering and beading the cards.





I loved this picture! Where else would you find a lady relaxing and her significant other using her back to write.


Our Italy trip was wonderful and we meet a lot of wonderful friends. I would recommend this trip to anyone! I would like to also thank my husband Mike for always being there by my side. LOL unfortunately he has been my side more than he anticipated lately. We returned from the 2 week trip Sept 19th and a week and 1/2 later, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my right foot and was placed in a ‘boot’ for 2-3 weeks. Glad it happened at home and not on the trip!  Last week I got sick with what a very bad cold on top of being put in the boot. Mike has been waiting on me patiently and lovingly and has been the best husband in the world. I’m on the mend and will hopefully be back to ‘normal’ in 3 more weeks :). My blogs may be limited while my body mends. contains a few more pictures of Zacaria’s artwork.

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